£5 | Fri 8 December |Tickets available on the door

Chantal Akerman | Belgium | 2016 | 1hr 55min | French, Hebrew and Spanish with English subtitles | PG

Doors 6.30pm, 7pm film start. Heritage Hub, Kirkstile, Hawick, TD9 0AE

Chantal Akerman’s final film is a moving portrait of her late mother Natalia, a Polish immigrant and Auschwitz survivor. Shot with a contemplative stillness, No Home Movie, has, like Akerman’s masterpiece Jeanne Dielman 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975), a strong woman at its heart – one for whom the filmmaker conveys enormous affection and love. Seen together in Natalia’s home and in their Skype ‘meetings’, Akerman and her mother share a tendency for sweetness and pragmatism, discussing the filmmaker’s heritage, chatting about her travels and teasing each other about food. Allowing Natalia to speak for herself in a way never before revealed in her films, Akerman pays a fitting tribute to the woman who was her greatest influence. #BTCfeministfilmclub

Tickets are £5. Advance booking is available here.


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